Women Get on Board Seminar Report

By September 5, 2013News

Women get on Board Pictures 066The Seminar was co hosted by PROWEB and the Swedish Zimbabwe Private Sector Corporation (NIR). The seminar as part of the Journey to the Top Series which was titled ‘Women get on Board Seminar’ hosted 27th of March 2013. This event was attended by different stakeholders, women and men drawn from different sectors.The objectives of the Seminar Series include the following:

• To inspire women through the stories of the journeys of other women to take up their journeys to realise their goals and enter into leadership positions in various sectors.

• To train women with the skills that bust the glass ceiling, the leadership lid and other myths that prevent them from progressing.

• Create a focal point and platform for women to dialogue and share their experiences

The seminar discussions brought out the barriers to entry into the board arena beyond legislature and policy relate mainly to attitudes, social and cultural dynamics. Most boards are predominately male; the tendency is to recruit those with whom there is a higher likelihood of chemistry in order to promote speedy achievement of board objectives.

Recommendations based on the discussions were as follows:

• Women need to build their skills and self-esteem in order to be credible and confident contributors to boards.

• Women need to be available to other women to mentor and support them and position them for board membership.

• In addition to personal development and mentoring and endorsement by other women, there is need for institutional facilitation of the acquisition of new skills through a formal training program. In addition, a database of board ready women will promote the inclusion of a wider range of women in boards.

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