PROWEB Mentoring Programme gives you the opportunity to work on your business, strategically, under the guidance of a mentor.

Whether you’re looking to:
• Solidify your vision, mission and goals
• Develop a business plan, financial plan and marketing plan
• Define a growth plan for the next 12 months
• Establish a budget for profitability
• Discover new ways to market your products and services
• Determine your ideal customer and how to cater to them
• Learn leadership skills and how to manage a team
… or simply wanting an objective point of view and accountability to stay focused, a mentor can guide you towards the achievement of these goals.

Daring Damsels Mentorship Programme

PROWEB in collaboration with the BOOST Fellowship is implementing a mentoring programme for young women called Daring Damsels Series since 2011. This programme is a series of mentoring meetings of young women graduates by committed successful women entrepreneurs of all ages.
The programme has managed to place a number of young ladies with different business and professional women who mentored them to gain practical work experience, others elected to be board position and others have started their income generating businesses. This mentorship programme is open to all young women from the different provinces of Zimbabwe.

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