By September 9, 2013Mentorship

Mentorship (1)PROWEB in collaboration with the BOOST Fellowship Launched the Daring Damsels Mentorship Programme in October 2011.  This programme is a series of mentoring meetings of young women graduates by committed successful women entrepreneurs of all ages. By this and in line with the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) #3 ‘Promote gender equality and empower women’, PROWEB provided  a platform for young women graduates to be mentored and trained into professionalism and entrepreneurship by its successful professional women, women executives and business women.

PROWEB believes in the importance of role models and sees mentorship as a key instrument in empowering women to be independent and to have an equal opportunity to that of the men in controlling the economy. The programme has managed to place a number of young ladies with different business and professional women who mentored them to gain practical work experience, others  elected to be board members of Youth Council Board and others have started their Micro Finance Businesses.


To empower the young women graduates to create for themselves and others employment opportunities by engaging into entrepreneurship thus curbing the unemployment rate which will in turn develop Zimbabwe.


  1. To raise the awareness and improve the understanding on the challenges women face after college.
  2. To further enhance young women’s leadership and entrepreneurial capabilities and competences by learning for the experiences and insights of the senior women entrepreneurs.
  3. To nurture and encourage innovation in the young women graduates so as to enable them to resist social pressures and help them take their place as leaders in Africa.
  4. To support young women in their pursuit of excellence with a focus on the development of leadership skills, entrepreneurship and life orientation skills.
  5. To develop a new breed of women leaders and entrepreneurs for the country and region.


This mentorship programme is open to all young women, graduates and non graduates from the different provinces of Zimbabwe.

Be Empowered, Be Inspired , Be Motivated,  Be Challenged,  Get Involved , Don’t miss out on this opportunity!!!!!!