Past President

Past President Sibusisiwe P. Bango

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Sibusisiwe Precious Bango Takes Over the Reigns of  PROWEB.

Current President Sibusisiwe Bango

Sibusisiwe Bango


Sibusisiwe Precious Bango  is one of the founding members of PROWEB.  She has been Deputy President of PROWEB since its formation and recently took over from Florence Ziumbe as President.

Busi as she is known is  current Chairperson of   Afrasia Kingdom Bank , she is Chief Executive Officer of Empretec  Zimbabwe.  She sits of several boards in the  private sector and public sector.  She is a seasoned business woman of Zimbabwe with businesses in Tourism and Agricultural Sector.

Sibusisiwe says, “I am highly honored and humbled to take over the presidency of PROWEB.  I hope to continue with the wisdom and guidance and look forward to a fruitful and successful tenure with the support of all the members.

One of the key driving forces to organisational success is a mutual understanding of the needs of the members.  As an organisation, it is very important to have insights from the membership on what needs to be done and to see if PROWEB is responding to these needs.

I would like to begin my tenure with  a basic Needs Survey.  The survey will find out from members, their needs, their concerns and their expectations so that going forward our activities are coined around what the members require.”

One important thing that PROWEB seeks to do is to celebrate women, especially women  achievers.   I believe that this is important as every member has something to contribute.  We need to showcase  each other’s achievements.  There are many women who are doing so well and excelling  in the different sectors of Zimbabwe.   PROWEB is the platform to make them known.

PROWEB will increase the number of Networking Platforms,  Conferences  and Business Development Training programs  to enhance the capacity of its women.  It will ensure that the young women also benefit through mentorship.

PROWEB is committed towards giving back to the society. Our social responsibility is to empower disadvantaged and marginalised women from different communities in Zimbabwe, through our empowerment initiatives.

Past President Florence E. Ziumbe

By | Past President

When PROWEB started in 2005 we had seen that the country’s agenda  for women was mostly always driven to small projects such as poultry, peanut butter and bread  making projects which are mainly subsistence.

Mrs Ziumbe

Mrs Ziumbe

Zimbabwean women have what it takes to become  millionaires and  be the Strive Masiyiwa’s  and Nigel  Chanakira’s of Zimbabwe. All PROWEB is seeking to do, is use what we already have that God has given us (through our membership) so that we can also be empowered through wealth creation and leave legacies for the future generations” .