Our Vision

To have economically, professionally and socially empowered women serving, developing Zimbabwe and controlling 50% of the country’s wealth.

Our Mission

To facilitate the economic empowerment of the professional, executive and business Zimbabwean woman through capacity building, networking and advocacy globally.

What we value at PROWEB

In God, we trust

Grounded in Godly principles


Efficiency; Transparency; High standards; Integrity; Passion in what we believe in; Qualified to do what we are doing; Focused; Best practice; Proficiency; Commitment; Consistency

Women Empowerment

Advance the empowerment agenda and drive it to levels where the Zimbabwean women become significant players in all sectors of the economy

Celebration of Women

¬ Celebration of women’s achievements
Bringing to the fore achievements of women using every possible media


Our dealings shall be characterized by a drive to promote a love for our country and Uplifting the communities in which we operate.


Creating a starting point for wealth creation that will transcend from generation to generation, specifically for women.