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March 2015

PROWEB Making it Happen for Women in Domboshava

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In Commemoration of the International Women’s Day , under the Theme “ MAKE IT HAPPEN” PROWEB is Encouraging Effective Action for Advancing, Supporting , Promoting and Recognizing Women as Key Sectors of the Economy. PROWEB is supporting and working with women from the Goromonzi District whom through their group savings and Lending Scheme (Mukando) are constructing Biogas Digestors for their household. Since April 2007, the Group of 30 members has constructed 7 biogas digestors through their monthly contributions of $15. On the 4th of March 2015, PROWEB visited the Domboshava Community Development Association (D.C.D.A) Group. The Installation of biogas digesters has seen improved standards of living and reduced deforestation.

PROWEB Tax Workshop

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In view of the the Tax Amnesty deadline which is fast approaching, PROWEB hosted a Tax Workshop on the 17th of March 2015, with two Tax Experts , Tendayi Masaraure (MD Taxted Pvt Ltd ) and Betty Katiyo , (President of Institute of Certified Chartered Tax Accountants.)

While paying tax is a statutory requirement that warrants arrest or penalties on defaulters, the amnesty is a lenient gesture of saying “let’s reconcile”, which all concerned firms should take advantage of

The presentations outlined the following
• Tax Compliance
• Current Tax issues in Tax Law & Policy
• Tax Remittance and compliance requirements VAT,PAYE,CGT,WHT, Customs Duty and Income tax
• Tax Advisory
• How to engage and supervise a Tax Consultant.

‘In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes’…. Benjamin Franklin. End of the Tax Amnesty is Around the Corner. ‘PLAN, REMIT, COMPLY AND ENJOY THE TAX AMNESTY’

PROWEB Point of Connection ‘ Gender and National Budget’

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PROWEB Point of Connection hosted
“Does Gender Matter in the National Budget? And Do you know the impact of National Budget on your Business? It is cheaper to be Proactive than Reactive”
With experts Tendai Masararura Tax Director, Taxted Services (Pvt.) LTD And Pamela Mhlanga Executive Director ZWRCN, On the 27th of February 2015, at PROWEB Gardens

Issues discussed;
· Life Cycle of the National Budget and women’s contributions in the process
· Tax and Tax Amnesty and the effects after the 31 March 2015 deadline
· The need for another workshop before the Tax Amnesty comes to and end