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September 2013

Annual General Meeting (AGM) 15th February 2013

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IMG_2199PROWEB  hosted its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on the 15th of February 2013. Ms  Sibusisiwe P. Bango  took over from Mrs  Florence Ziumbe as President of  PROWEB.  The meeting validated the PROWEB Strategic Plan and PROWEB 2013 Calendar of Activities.  Members promised to work through the different  sub-committees to enhance the organization’s service delivery

Agenda of the AGM

Welcome and introductions

Review and Adoption of AGM Agenda

President’s Report

Annual Report

Financial Report

Any Other Business

Vote of Thanks

Closing Remarks


Community Service

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Community Service

Community Service

PROWEB key strategic focuses on community service are as follows:

  • To empower disadvantaged women and communities and instill a sense of loyalty to our country.
  • To work in collaboration with organizations already operating in the community towards providing training programs for women in soft skills (soft and hard) and make resources available to members.
  • To provide mentorship programs to female college/university graduates, young professionals, female entrepreneurs.
  • To nurture and support girls in secondary and tertiary institutions. Work in collaboration with organizations already operating to nurture, support, and create linkages between small and big business.


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Mentorship (1)PROWEB in collaboration with the BOOST Fellowship Launched the Daring Damsels Mentorship Programme in October 2011.  This programme is a series of mentoring meetings of young women graduates by committed successful women entrepreneurs of all ages. By this and in line with the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) #3 ‘Promote gender equality and empower women’, PROWEB provided  a platform for young women graduates to be mentored and trained into professionalism and entrepreneurship by its successful professional women, women executives and business women.

PROWEB believes in the importance of role models and sees mentorship as a key instrument in empowering women to be independent and to have an equal opportunity to that of the men in controlling the economy. The programme has managed to place a number of young ladies with different business and professional women who mentored them to gain practical work experience, others  elected to be board members of Youth Council Board and others have started their Micro Finance Businesses.


To empower the young women graduates to create for themselves and others employment opportunities by engaging into entrepreneurship thus curbing the unemployment rate which will in turn develop Zimbabwe.


  1. To raise the awareness and improve the understanding on the challenges women face after college.
  2. To further enhance young women’s leadership and entrepreneurial capabilities and competences by learning for the experiences and insights of the senior women entrepreneurs.
  3. To nurture and encourage innovation in the young women graduates so as to enable them to resist social pressures and help them take their place as leaders in Africa.
  4. To support young women in their pursuit of excellence with a focus on the development of leadership skills, entrepreneurship and life orientation skills.
  5. To develop a new breed of women leaders and entrepreneurs for the country and region.


This mentorship programme is open to all young women, graduates and non graduates from the different provinces of Zimbabwe.

Be Empowered, Be Inspired , Be Motivated,  Be Challenged,  Get Involved , Don’t miss out on this opportunity!!!!!!

BWASA Investment Conference

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Dsc01605The objectives of the investment conference, organized by PROWEB under the theme “Come with me, It is Time” were to enable networking and the creation of business linkages and investment opportunities targeted at women occupying management positions and/or running or owning medium to large scale businesses between Zimbabwean and South African women. The outcomes of the investment conference were to be:

1.    The creation of a platform for the brokering of deals.

2.    Improved dialogue between two business associations that would make contributions to both country’s economies.

3.    Women actively participating in the forefront, influencing economic policy and doing business.

4.    Active empowerment of women in business by women in business.

Bwasa 1

The South African delegation comprised of 40 businesswomen who are members of the Business Women’s Association of South Africa.  The head of delegation was Dr Thandi Ndhlovu. The group comprised representation from various sectors including banking, investments, entertainment, mining, construction, Information Technology, project management, health, agriculture, manufacturing, tourism and energy.

Bwasa photo

Past President Sibusisiwe P. Bango

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Sibusisiwe Precious Bango Takes Over the Reigns of  PROWEB.

Current President Sibusisiwe Bango

Sibusisiwe Bango


Sibusisiwe Precious Bango  is one of the founding members of PROWEB.  She has been Deputy President of PROWEB since its formation and recently took over from Florence Ziumbe as President.

Busi as she is known is  current Chairperson of   Afrasia Kingdom Bank , she is Chief Executive Officer of Empretec  Zimbabwe.  She sits of several boards in the  private sector and public sector.  She is a seasoned business woman of Zimbabwe with businesses in Tourism and Agricultural Sector.

Sibusisiwe says, “I am highly honored and humbled to take over the presidency of PROWEB.  I hope to continue with the wisdom and guidance and look forward to a fruitful and successful tenure with the support of all the members.

One of the key driving forces to organisational success is a mutual understanding of the needs of the members.  As an organisation, it is very important to have insights from the membership on what needs to be done and to see if PROWEB is responding to these needs.

I would like to begin my tenure with  a basic Needs Survey.  The survey will find out from members, their needs, their concerns and their expectations so that going forward our activities are coined around what the members require.”

One important thing that PROWEB seeks to do is to celebrate women, especially women  achievers.   I believe that this is important as every member has something to contribute.  We need to showcase  each other’s achievements.  There are many women who are doing so well and excelling  in the different sectors of Zimbabwe.   PROWEB is the platform to make them known.

PROWEB will increase the number of Networking Platforms,  Conferences  and Business Development Training programs  to enhance the capacity of its women.  It will ensure that the young women also benefit through mentorship.

PROWEB is committed towards giving back to the society. Our social responsibility is to empower disadvantaged and marginalised women from different communities in Zimbabwe, through our empowerment initiatives.

Past President Florence E. Ziumbe

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When PROWEB started in 2005 we had seen that the country’s agenda  for women was mostly always driven to small projects such as poultry, peanut butter and bread  making projects which are mainly subsistence.

Mrs Ziumbe

Mrs Ziumbe

Zimbabwean women have what it takes to become  millionaires and  be the Strive Masiyiwa’s  and Nigel  Chanakira’s of Zimbabwe. All PROWEB is seeking to do, is use what we already have that God has given us (through our membership) so that we can also be empowered through wealth creation and leave legacies for the future generations” .

Course on Women as SME Leaders

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NIEW Course

Having received an invitation through PROWEB to attend a course on “Women as SME leaders” I travelled to Langkawi, Malaysia to attend the course which was being hosted by NIEW (Nam Institute for the Empowerment of Women). The course was held from 30th September to 7th October 2012.

This invitation stood out for me, as I am a woman who is currently running a small engineering business in Zimbabwe. I was looking forward to meeting other women in the SME sector and especially to swap ideas on running such businesses. The course was attended by women from Malaysia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Ghana, Sudan, Iran, Myanmar (Burma), Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Yemen and Vietnam.

Proud moment

The theme of the course was centred on enabling women entrepreneurs to build businesses that were socially responsible and that incorporated strategies that were environmentally friendly.

Over the week we covered almost all aspects of SME businesses that included the formulation of visions and strategies, financial controls and credit management, corporate governance issues, executing a successful capital raising campaign for business growth, and the incorporation of environmentally responsible strategic frameworks for SME’s.

We had key speakers who were women entrepreneurs giving accounts of their businesses and the challenges that they faced in starting their businesses and while running their businesses.

As part of the course, we were all given an opportunity to pitch for funds for a business idea to Angels Dens representatives. Angels Den is an organisation which links Business Angels and entrepreneurs seeking capital for their businesses.

Out of all the presentations made, my presentation was chosen as the best one and as a result, I have now been offered the opportunity to make a pitch to investors in Hong Kong and in Singapore. This was very exciting for me, and asserted my belief in my business and in my capabilities as an individual.

This course opened my eyes to some of the wonderful things that are being done in the name of Women Empowerment. The Malaysian government has made a lot of funding available to NIEW to run capacity building courses such as the one that I attended. They have also been instrumental in rallying being national policies which state that women taking up at least 30% of the decision making positions in the corporate sector by 2016. They have also spent a lot of time and effort in capacity that women are ready for these positions have spent a lot of time and effort in training women for these opportunities.

I would recommend that the Ministry of Women and gender should also look into providing such opportunities for Zimbabwean women.

Testimony on Being a Member of PROWEB

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My name is Barbara Rwodzi an executive businesswoman in the fashion and textile industry. I am passionate about fashion and the marginalized women empowerment and as such  my business is a synchrony of fashion and rural women empowerment through handmade knitwear that we manufacture and export to different countries especially in Europe, America and Canada. Read More

PROWEB Networking Tea

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Networking Forums Cover PicturePROWEB hosted a Networking Tea with Nyaradzayi Gumbonzvanda, a life member of PROWEB, who is a Human Rights Lawyer and General Secretary of Young Women Christian Association (YWCA) since 2007. Read More